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Intersoft institute provide chip level training of mobile, computer, laptop etc. We give two types of courses :


    In this type of course the student will be given access to WIZIQ online education sites. Files may be in form of PDF, PPT, and doc format. Along with file Training Lecture Videos are also provided which will be facilitating to understand the concepts.
    Only notes with videos will be supply, No downloadable, no Instructor led, class will be provided.
    Some reference sites will be available from google drive for download.

    NOTE : Classroom training is best and a better way than online but if anyone who is not able to do offline/class room training than he/she can go for online course.


    OFFLINE training gives the students the maximum practical oriented classes with visual classes. Student can experience the industrial based technical training. Students are very much impressed upon the visual classes. OFFLINE training students gets Job opportunity, Life time back up support through which students can get cleared their doubts while doing service, after completing the course.

    Student can conduct this course in three ways:
    1. Full Day training :
    In this type of training student have to attend full day classes i.e. they have to give their 6 hrs a days.

    2. Regular training :
    In this type of training student have to attend 1.5 hrs a day regularly according to their batch’s timing.

    3. Fast Track training :
    In this type of training student have to attend 8 hrs a day regularly. And student must have basic computer knowledge then only the can go under this training. There re certain condition to under this training for more information about this course.

mobile training course

Mobile Repair Course

Module M1 : Mobile Service Training, Parts Replacement
Module M2 : Mobile Phone Repairing Concept Of Common Models
Module M3 : Mobile Software Repair And Troubleshooting
Module M4 : Advance Mobile Smartphone Application & Software Repair Troubleshooting
Module M5 : Advance Mobile Repair And Troubleshooting

computer training course

Computer Repair Course

Module C1 : Computer Basic Hardware
Module E1 : Basic Electronics Analog, Digital, Practice
Module C2 : Smps Lcd Led Repairing Concept
Module C3 : Computer Motherboard Repairing Training

data recovery training course

Data Recovery Course

Module D1 : Logical Data Recovery Training
Module D2 : Hard Disk Pcb Repair Training
Module D3 : Physical Data Recovery Training
Module D4 : Hard Disk Firmware Repair Up Gradation
Module D5 : Mrt Device Use For Firmware Repair & Data Recovery
Module D6 : Working Experience Of Hard Disk Data Recovery

tablet repair course

Tablet Repair Course

Module T1 : Basic Electronics
Module T2 : Use of Tablet Pc
Module T3 : Parts Identification
Module T4 : Understanding Daigram & problem and solution
printer repair course

Printer Repair Course

Module 1 : Deskjet & Laser Printer Training
Module 2 : Dot Matrix Printer & Tonner Refilling Training

laptop repair course

Laptop Repair Course

Module L1 : Basic Laptop Service Training
Module L2 : Adapter, Battery , Lcd, Inverter, Etc Repairing Concept
Module L3 : Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Training
Module L4 : Advance Enginearing Level Laptop Chip Level Training

iphone repair course

iphone Repair Course

Module 6.1 : basic iphone understanding
Module 6.2 : tracing iphone pcb with schematic and board view
Module 6.3 : Fault finding steps of iphone

cctv repair course

CCTV Installation Course

Module S1: CCTV Security Basic
Module S2: CCTV Installation (Analog, Hd , Avi )
Module S3: CCTV Ip Camera/ Dvr Networking Course
Module S4: CCTV Camera/ Dvr/ Adapter Repair


mobile repair course
computer repair course
data recovery course
tablet repair course
printer repair course
laptop repair course
iphone repair course
cctv installation course

Our Team

data recovery training course


We give training of Data recovery and services. we also give services in data recovery. we learn logical data recovery problem, physical problem, pcb training, hard disk firmware training, how mrt device use for firmware and data recovery, etc. we also give services of data recovery for different device.

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laptop service training course



We give training in laptop chip level and printer repair training. we learn quick solution about how to solve damage laptop, how to change ic's, how to repair board, etc. we also learn printer solution of how printer work, how to change parts of printer, how to service,etc.

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cctv training course



We give training of Mobile Repair & CCTV installation and services. we learn quick solution about how to repair damage part in mobile, what problem come in mobile, how mobile work, etc. we also learn solution of CCTV like how it is work, where cctv requird & used, how it repair, etc.

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laptop service center


( Service Engineer)

We give services of laptop repair. All types of problems related to the mother board like the laptop restart problem, hanging of laptops, processor control issues, dead laptops, display problems, bios problems, battery section issues, audio problems, D C pin, VGA, USB, LAN and wireless issues, memory control problems, keyboard problems, power supply problems, etc.

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